Uncovered: 11 Apartments Featuring Exposed Structural Elements

Uncovered: 11 Apartments Featuring Exposed Structural Elements

Uncoated: 11 Apartments With Visible Structure

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High-density collective housing, such as apartments, can also exhibit the Vitruvian principles of beauty, functionality, and durability. The structural aspect can be highlighted and exposed, without compromising the context of urban density. Some examples of apartments that showcase the structural element include Edifício Casa Factory, Arches Apartment, Galeria Apartment, and Acuerdo House, among others. The stripped-down, raw aesthetic is achieved by exposing reinforced concrete ceiling structures, leaving slab structures exposed, using exposed electrical and fire protection installations, and eliminating excessive finishes from previous occupations to bring the structure to the fore.

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Housing is a significant aspect of architecture, and there are many ways to approach it, from religious cloisters to single-family homes. Luis Fernández-Galiano notes that high-density collective housing, such as apartments, is a sensible choice in urban contexts. While single-family homes often exhibit beauty, functionality, and durability, apartments can highlight the structural aspect without compromising on these essential elements.

The examples below demonstrate how apartments can showcase the “sacred triad” of beauty, functionality, and durability while still remaining true to the context of urban density. By exposing the structural elements, architects can create unique and attractive living spaces.

Arches Apartment / Ana Sawaia Arquitetura + Estúdio Paulo Alves cleverly used arched profiles of concrete slabs in a single building, allowing them to eliminate pillars inside the building, while maintaining the stability of the arches. These arches penetrate the interior of the apartments, creating a unique space.

Letná Apartment / Markéta Bromová aimed to create an open space without using too many walls, which seemed to separate the rooms. By exposing the reinforced concrete ceiling structure, and the apartment’s technical parameters, the architects achieved a raw and open environment.

Edifício Casa Factory / Meraki Arquitectura + Diseño left the slab structure exposed, using the ceiling only in essential areas, which gave more height to the floors. The electrical and fire protection installations were also left in plain sight, adding an industrial touch.

Apartamento São Miguel / Nuevo Arquitetura revealed the supporting structure of concrete walls, allowing a better understanding of the physical space’s construction. The architects also highlighted freedom of spatial experimentation, using a red-painted metal structure across the apartment’s entire length, supporting movable panels.

Acuerdo House / Positive Livings removed all the layers that had accumulated over the years, leaving a completely empty container. The mixed structure of load-bearing walls and slabs with partitioned vaults and metallic structures characterize this building.

Apartamento Sumaúma / COTA760 created an open and bright environment by integrating the living room and kitchen. The architects also used vibrant colors and more brutalist aesthetics, reflecting the client’s request to blend Sao Paulo’s urban structure with Rio’s relaxed and colorful side.

Galeria Apartament / CoDA arquitetos creatively used reflective trays to provide indirect lighting to the room while highlighting the concrete structure’s presence. The expansion of the social area was reinforced by removing the original plaster ceiling, thus increasing the ceiling height.

Alfornelos Apartament / Miguel Marcelino added wood, stone, and steel to the bare concrete structure, making the space more spacious and airy. This project effectively uses natural light to create a open and comfortable living space.

Apartamento PSDL19 / EstudioReciente takes inspiration from the Sonneveld House to incorporate color and materials in different rooms. The new distribution aims to prioritize spaces with social functions, combining the dining room, living room, and kitchen into a single dynamic space.

Apartamento Santana / Degradê Arquitetura renovated the existing concrete beams and pillars, leaving them exposed to bring contemporary vibes to the apartment.

Copan Apartment / SuperLimão integrated the space while creating spans in the project. By opening up the structural walls, fluidity and increased cross ventilation make this apartment an attractive and comfortable living space.

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