Uhlmann Office Building Designed by Barkow Leibinger and Kinzo

Uhlmann Office Building Designed by Barkow Leibinger and Kinzo

Uhlmann Office Building / Barkow Leibinger + Kinzo

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The Uhlmann office building is a four-story structure designed by architects Barkow Leibinger and Kinzo, with space for 300 employees. It is part of the Uhlmann campus in Laupheim, Germany, and features a combination of glass surfaces and opaque panels for an energy efficient façade. The interior design by KINZO incorporates playful shapes and bold colors, contrasting with the building’s orthogonal floor plan and façade grid. The office building is part of a master plan for the mechanical engineering corporation Uhlmann.

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The Uhlmann Office Building, located in Laupheim, Germany, was designed by Barkow Leibinger and Kinzo. This four-story building, completed in 2020, provides office space for approximately 300 employees. It is a crucial part of Uhlmann’s campus and supports the foundational meander design principle established in the 2013 master plan. Together with the logistics and production building, it forms a 300-meter-long front, which serves as the main entrance to the campus for visitors.

The energetically efficient facade design combines glass surfaces that allow natural ventilation through window sashes with opaque panels made of white glass. The silver anodized aluminum fins and glazed openings contribute to the office building’s formal vocabulary, providing a visual connection to the adjacent logistics and production building.

The interior presents an interesting contrast between the orthogonal office floor plan, the alignment of two concrete cores, and the regularity of the facade grid, and the brightly colored workspace environments designed by KINZO.

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