Ryu Architect’s M House/Office

Ryu Architect’s M House/Office

M House / Office Ryu Architect

Summary :

The M-House Office renovation project by Office Ryu Architect in Japan involves expanding and renovating a 55-year-old house while preserving its reinforced concrete structure. The owner desired a more open and spacious living environment, which was achieved by constructing a wooden fence to enclose the southern facade and an L-shaped sloping roof to envelop the living space above the kitchen. The design aimed to soften and open up the previously closed-off house with a robust structure.

Description :

The HTML code “document.getElementById(‘single-content’).setAttribute(‘data-io-article-url’, window.location.href);” sets the URL for the article. The project being described is a renovation of a 55-year-old house in Japan that has been passed down for three generations. The original house was built with strong reinforced concrete walls by the current owner’s grandfather to protect his family. However, the current owner found the wooden cabin, garden, and parking space to be problematic and wanted a more open living environment. Despite these challenges, the decision was made to expand and renovate while preserving the original reinforced concrete structure. The south side was expanded and an L-shaped sloping roof was constructed to create a bright living environment. The design was intended to soften and open up the previously closed-off house. Photographs of the renovated house are included.

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