International Conference on Planning for Green Infrastructure

International Conference on Planning for Green Infrastructure

International Conference on Planning for Green Infrastructure

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The World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is organizing an International Conference on Planning for Green Infrastructure in Athens, Greece on October 13, 2022. The conference covers various themes such as urban design, sustainable development, ecological design, and more. The event is open to students, academics, and industry researchers with a registration fee. The conference will run for several days and includes diverse scholarly events. The International Research Conference focuses on bringing together experts to share their knowledge and insights on important topics. The event can be attended online. Applications are now being accepted.

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International Conference on Planning for Green Infrastructure

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International Conference on Planning for Green Infrastructure

Core Theme

Active Transportation
Architectural and Urban Design
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Biodiversity: Wildlife Habitat and Linkage
Cities, Green Infrastructure and Health
Contemporary Urban Environment
Contemporary Urban Transformations
Creative City-building Initiatives
Designing Green and Blue Infrastructure to Support Healthy Urban Living
Designing Operative Landscape Structures for the Built Environment
Designing the Future of Urban Living
Ecological Design of Urban Landscapes
Economic Value of Green Infrastructure
Ecosystem Management
Environment and Planning
From Local-specific to Global-regional Interventions
Global Urban Design and Planning
Gray and Green Infrastructure for Increased Urban Resiliency
Green Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure and Community Design
Green Infrastructure and Issues in Managing Urban Stormwater
Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development
Green Infrastructure and Renewable Energy
Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Drainage Systems
Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Site Design
Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Water Management
Green Infrastructure and the Impacts of Climate Change
Green Infrastructure and Urban Flooding
Green Infrastructure and Urban Planning
Green Infrastructure and Water Management
Green Infrastructure and Water Sensitive Urban Design
Green Infrastructure as Water Sensitive Urban Design Strategy
Green Infrastructure Challenge
Green Infrastructure Designs
Green Infrastructure for the City
Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Adaptation
Green Infrastructure for Urban Stormwater Management
Green Infrastructure for Urban Sustainability
Green Infrastructure in Urban Design
Green Infrastructure in Urban Land Use
Green Infrastructure Planning and Design
Green Infrastructure Strategy
Green Infrastructure: Planning for Sustainable and Resilient Urban Environment
Green Infrastructure: Planning, Design and Implementation
Green Infrastructures and Urban Design
Green Urban Infrastructure and Climate Adaptation
Human Geography
Landscape and Architecture
Landscape and Urban Planning
Landscape Architecture
Multifunctional Green Infrastructure Planning to Promote Ecological Services in the City
Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructure
Municipal Planning, Urban Design, and Green Infrastructure
Natural and Built Ecological Systems in Urban Environment
Planning and Urban Design Standards
Planning for Green Infrastructure
Planning for Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructures
Rainwater Management
Social Implications of the Urban Fabric
Social, Economic, and Political Processes
Socially Sustainable Urban Transformation
Spatial Planning
Spatial Structure for Neighborhoods
Stormwater Management and Green Infrastructure
Strategic Design and Process Management
Surface Water Management and Urban Green Infrastructure
Sustainable Building Design
Sustainable Green Infrastructure and Community Design
Sustainable Green Infrastructure for the Urban Environment
Sustainable Stormwater Management
Sustainable Urban Development
Sustainable Urban Hydrology
Sustainable Urbanism, Rising Sea Level, and Green Infrastructure
Urban Agriculture as Green Infrastructure
Urban and Spatial Planning and Design
Urban Architecture, Art, Design and Technology
Urban Areas and Green Infrastructure
Urban Biodiversity
Urban Design
Urban Design and Adapting to Flood Risk
Urban Design and Green Infrastructure
Urban Design and Planning Services
Urban Design and Process Management
Urban Design, Green Infrastructure, and Lighting
Urban Drainage and Green Infrastructure
Urban Ecological Infrastructure
Urban Ecology: Patterns, Processes, and Applications
Urban Ecosystems: Understanding the Human Environment
Urban Green Infrastructure
Urban Green Infrastructure and Its Environmental Response in Urban Ecosystem
Urban Green Infrastructure Design
Urban Green Space, Public Health, and Environmental Justice
Urban Greenspaces and Greening Urban Spaces
Urban Hydrology
Urban Landscape Design and Biodiversity
Urban Landscape Ecology: Science, Policy and Practice
Urban Landscape Infrastructures
Urban Planning and Design Strategies
Urban Projects of Diverse Scales and Specificities
Urban Strategies and Design
Urban Studies and Planning
Urban Systems Design
Urban Transformations in the Urban North and the Urban South
Water and Land Development
Water Sensitive Urban Design


World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology


Athens, Greece


Athens, Greece



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The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

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