Opinion: It is Time for Reforming Backyards Now

Opinion: It is Time for Reforming Backyards Now

Opinion: The Time for ‘Yard Reform’ is Now

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Replacing lawns with native plants and grasses saves water and improves biodiversity. However, some cities make this illegal or actively oppose such changes, even issuing citations to homeowners who replace their lawns. Some states, such as Nevada and Minnesota, incentivize lawn removal and conversion to pollinator gardens. To encourage more widespread adoption of these practices, Amy McEuen recommends the creation of a model environmental municipal code.

Description :

Swapping grass lawns for indigenous plants and grasses not only helps conserve water but also boosts biodiversity. However, some cities have laws that forbid such practices.

In an article in Next City, Amy McEuen advocates for “yard reform,” proposing that Americans should reassess their lawns. “To reduce the rate of extinctions and capture carbon from the atmosphere, we must have laws that encourage the substitution of turf with indigenous vegetation.”

Although some may find it “impossible to reimagine” a grass lawn, more people are recognizing the value of native plants and swapping their lawns for local flora, which reduces the use of water and harmful fertilizers and pesticides. However, some cities and private homeowner associations actively oppose this change and even levy fines on homeowners who replace their lawns.

Conversely, “Certain states provide powerful incentives for lawn removal. Nevada’s ‘cash for grass’ rebate program subsidizes $3 per square foot of turf grass replaced with desert vegetation.” Nevada has also forbidden ornamental grass, while Minnesota reimburses homeowners who switch their lawns for pollinator gardens. McEuen suggests creating a prototype environmental municipal code similar to the Model Penal Code, which “would encourage local and state lawmakers to make lawn replacement not just permissible but also wise.”

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