“NOVO Architecture Designs 3 Houses”

“NOVO Architecture Designs 3 Houses”

3 Houses / NOVO architectures

Summary :

Novo architectures has built three houses on a narrow plot of land in a densely packed Parisian suburb, striking a balance between aesthetic ambition and the city’s demand for profitable housing. To comply with rules requiring vehicle access to new dwellings, a service road had to be built around the houses, but they were designed to preserve existing plants as much as possible, with each dwelling and a shared garden set within the plot. The homes are made from white-coloured bricks, topped with light grey pre-patinated zinc roofs, and mainly lacking mouldings to create a simple, modern appearance.

Description :

The HTML tag, document.getElementById(‘single-content’).setAttribute(‘data-io-article-url’, window.location.href), is used to set the article’s URL. The project is located on rue Beausejour in Colombes, France and involves building three houses in a residential area characterized by strip plots. The city’s urban planning regulations promote densification, resulting in the division of plots and new construction projects. The challenge of the project was to balance profitability with architectural ambition while maintaining the site’s high landscape quality. The design was inspired by neighboring buildings, featuring vertical templates and loggias with a view of the landscape. The facades are made mainly of brick, echoing local building traditions. The project also emphasizes the high landscape quality of the site by preserving existing plantations and promoting biodiversity through fence openings and climbing vegetation.

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