January 2023 Land Lines

January 2023 Land Lines

Land Lines, January 2023

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The January 2023 issue of Land Lines features articles on the need to increase housing affordability, reform local zoning regulations, and explore the potential of manufactured housing as a solution to the national housing crisis. The issue also includes a President’s Message on the benefits of mixed-use development, a City Tech piece on the use of wood in construction, and a Mayor’s Desk article on cultivating climate resilience in Sierra Leone. The publication is also available in Spanish.

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Land Lines January 2023 Features

A Bid for Affordability: Notes from an Ambitious Housing Experiment in Cincinnati
By Loren Berlin, December 23, 2022

Institutional investors have been purchasing real estate in Cincinnati and raising the rent for properties that have become increasingly neglected. To increase stability and preserve affordability, the metro area’s economic development agency purchased almost 200 houses as part of an ambitious effort. Read the article.

The State of Local Zoning: Reforming a Century-Old Approach to Land Use
By Anthony Flint, December 23, 2022

For the last century, communities across the United States have used local zoning to regulate land use. However, critics on both sides say this planning approach has caused social, economic, and environmental harm. Now, some states are introducing changes. Read the article.

Home Economics: How Manufactured Housing Can Help Solve the National Housing Affordability Crisis
By Jon Gorey, December 12, 2022

As the affordable housing crisis spreads from coastal cities to middle America, manufactured housing is receiving attention as a sustainable and affordable option. The national I’m HOME network, convened by the Lincoln Institute, is taking steps to strengthen the sector. Read the article.

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President’s Message: Make Way for Mixed Use
By George W. McCarthy, January 3, 2023

City Tech: Is Wood the Way of the Future?
By Rob Walker, December 9, 2022

Mayor’s Desk: Cultivating Climate Resilience in Sierra Leone
By Anthony Flint, November 10, 2022

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