House with Peristyle / B2A

House with Peristyle / B2A

Peristilio House / B2A

Summary :

The Peristilio House is a 60m2 home extension designed by B2A in the Dutch province of Utrecht, inspired by a Roman peristilio, which blurs the line between interior and exterior spaces. The extension is designed as a transition from the living room to the garden, with a perimeter colonnade structure that enhances the connection between the two areas. The facade materials are a mix of brick and concrete that communicate both solidity and timelessness. Triple-glazed windows, solar panels, and in-floor heating also improve the energy performance of the existing dwelling.

Description :

To set the article URL on the single-content element, use the HTML tag document.getElementById(‘single-content’).setAttribute(‘data-io-article-url’, window.location.href). The Peristilio House is a 60m² extension that enlarges the living space and enhances the connection between the interior and the garden. B2A is the architect of this project located in Utrecht, Netherlands, which draws inspiration from a Roman peristilio structure, blending the garden, terrace, and interior into a modern structure that fits well with the local built environment. The perimeter colonnade serves as a transitional step from the outside to the inside, unifying the new facade while creating a fluid interior-exterior space that functions as a bound room by three faces. The materials used, such as white stucco walls, concrete floors, wooden built-in book closets, and nuanced brick and concrete facade, reinforce the transition from indoors to outdoors. Furthermore, the extension features triple-glazed windows, solar panels on the roof, and distributed in-floor heating to improve the energy performance of the existing dwelling.

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