Conference on COP21 at CEU, Berlin, from November 27-29.

Conference on COP21 at CEU, Berlin, from November 27-29.

Summary :

The Council for European Urbanism will hold a conference in Berlin from November 27 to 29 to define the “New Urban Agenda” in light of COP21 Paris Climate Conference and UN conference on climate change, among other urgent environmental concerns. The conference is being held to consider the role of architects and urbanists in building a more sustainable and human-focussed urban infrastructure, including models for urban morphology, building structures and the operating rules that govern growth. The conference aims to generate ideas about turning the New Urban Agenda into reality. 

Description :

COP21 AND BEYOND: Defining the “New Urban Agenda” in a Changing Climate

November 27-29, 2015

Council for European Urbanism

In partnership with: International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU), Sustasis Foundation, Center for Metropolitan Studies at the Technical University of Berlin, and other partners (tba)

Please join us in Berlin for a timely Council for European Urbanism conference from Friday, November 27 to Sunday, November 29 (mid-day). The conference will focus on defining the “New Urban Agenda” through the COP21 Paris Climate Conference and the Habitat III meeting next year and beyond.

Building on its previous successful conference on “Climate Change and Urban Design” in Oslo, The Council for European Urbanism and its partners will hold a seminar in advance of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21).

The world is increasingly recognizing the dimensions of a deep environmental crisis, and urgent action is now necessary. Several seminal international events are occurring this autumn:

– The United Nations is hosting Habitat III on the rapid (and too often sprawling) growth of cities in 2016
– The UN Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted at the October UN summit and general assembly in New York City
– The UN conference on climate change, COP21, is taking place in Paris in December.

Cities, their structure, and their development, are increasingly at the center of the agenda, which Habitat III has termed the “New Urban Agenda.” The Council for European Urbanism has long explored these questions, and championed new answers. In particular, the CEU has advanced the radical proposition that the allegedly “modern” post-war model of cities is actually antiquated and profoundly destructive of long-term sustainability, and that real advancement now lies in recognizing the evolutionary “collective intelligence” embodied in the patterns of centuries of urban dynamics and patterns of human experience.

The conference will explore questions such as:

– What is the role of architects and urbanists in this urgent agenda?
– Is it to continue to build the same kinds of buildings and urban settlements we have been building for a century, only now festooned with new “green” high-technology gadgets?
– Is it to continue as visionary artists, dutifully serving – or sometimes ignoring – the agents of modernization, sprawl, and global capital?
– Or must we confront the need for a deeper, more radical model of urbanization and urban life – one more centered around human dynamics and well-being?
– What would this entail, in concept, strategy, detailed practice?
– What are the lessons we must now share and act upon?

Conference Venue:

Center for Metropolitan Studies
Hardenbergstraße 16-18
10623 Berlin

Conference Registration:

There is no cost, but registration is required as space is strictly limited. Please email a reservation request to: moc.liamgnull@ffahem.leahcim


Friday, November 27:

Keynotes and Opening

18:00 Welcome Aljoscha Hofmann, DFG Fellow, Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin; Board Member, Council for European Urbanism and Director, CEU Germany.

18:15 Defining the New Urban Agenda for COP21 and Beyond Michael Mehaffy, COP21 Participant/Presenter; Academic Chair, Future of Places Forum (partnership of UN-Habitat, Project for Public Spaces and Ax:son Johnson Foundation); Architecture Faculty Member and Researcher on climate change and urban form, TU Delft; Board Member, Council for European Urbanism, and Chair, INTBAU College of Chapters.

18:45 The Role of the Architect-Urbanist: Toward a Hippocratic Oath for the Built Environment Joanna Alimanestianu, Co-founder, CEU; Visiting Professor, University of Notre Dame; Architect and Urbanist based in Brussels and New York.

19:15 Panel Discussion (with audience)

20:00 End (Walk to dinner nearby)

Saturday, November 28:



9:00 Whatever Happened to Urbanism? The Berlin Story Harald Bodenschatz, Professor, Technical University Berlin and President, CEU Germany

9:30 Main Streets: Key to a Sustainable and Just City Region? Aljoscha Hofmann, Director, CEU Germany

9:45 The Bundesplatz: Transforming the Automobile-Dependent City Christian von Oppen, TU Berlin, CEU Germany

10:00 Dialogue: Building the Post-Automobile-Based City

10:45 (Break)


11:00 Good City Form: Formal, Informal and Picturesque Peter Kellow, UK-France architect, regular author with American Arts Quarterly, and member, RIBA, AWG, TAG, and INTBAU.

11:15 Understanding the “Urban Genome” and its Generative Effects Hillel Schocken, Professor, Tel Aviv University and architect; Co-founder, Movement for Israeli Urbanism

11:30 Retrofitting Existing Morphologies: What Are The Opportunities and Challenges? Alessandra Fidanza, Architect, Environmental Advisor, Researcher at TU Berlin

11:45 Dialogue: Urban Morphology in the New Urban Agenda: From Global to Local (And Back)

12:45 (Break for lunch)


14:00 Changing Urban Codes: Case Study in Transforming Modern Arab Cities Duane Phillips, DPZ-Europe

14:15 Involving the Public: Places for People, BY People Arne Sødal, Sødal Architects, Oslo

14:30 Economics Lessons: Getting Good Projects Built Christian Lasserre, Developer, Brussels, Belgium

14:45 Dialogue: Toward an Agenda for Reform

15:45 Break


16:00 The Revival of European Urbanism: How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Still Have To Go Liam O’Connor, Architect-Urbanist, UK

16:15 The Stockholm Charter, The Oslo Declaration and Beyond Audun Engh, Board Member, CEU and Secretary, INTBAU

16:30 Dialogue: Declaration of a “CEU New Urban Agenda”

17:30 END

19:00-21:00 Walking tour through northern Neukölln (city quarter with thriving night life) and finish with dinner and/or drinks, with Aljoscha Hofmann

Sunday, November 29:

Walking tours

NOTE: Walking tour 1 and 2 are 2.5-hour tours operating simultaneously. Walking tour 3 follows as a 1.5-hour tour and can be combined with one of the other tours. Meeting places will be announced at the conference.

7:30 Train/Walking Tour: Potsdam, with Joanna Alimanestianu

10:00 Walking tour 1: Mediaspree, with Aljoscha Hofmann

10:00 Walking tour 2: Construction in the core, from 1950 to the present, with Duane Phillips

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