Chazarreta-Tohus-Almendra: Chocon Terraces House

Chazarreta-Tohus-Almendra: Chocon Terraces House

Chocon Terraces House / Chazarreta-Tohus-Almendra args

Summary :

The Chocon Terraces House is a tourist accommodation building located in Villa El Chocón, Argentina with direct views of the dam and the Ezequiel Ramos Mexia reservoir. The lot is almost 4000m2 and the architects chose to use concrete as the main construction and finishing material due to its durability and low maintenance. The accommodation consists of two units of approximately 95m2 each with accessible terraces on the roof. The building is designed to minimalize intervention in the land and to highlight its particular characteristics. The use of concrete, glass, and wood seeks to give it lightness and warmth.

Description :

The HTML code “document.getElementById(‘single-content’).setAttribute(‘data-io-article-url’, window.location.href);” sets the data-io-article-url attribute for the element with the ID “single-content” as the current window location. The article discusses the Chocon Terraces House project by architects Chazarreta-Tohus-Almendra args in Villa El Chocón, Argentina. The house is situated on a 4000m2 lot with direct views of the dam and reservoir. The design minimizes intervention into the land, utilizing concrete as the main construction material due to its low maintenance and durability. The house consists of two tourist accommodation units, each approximately 95m2 with access to roof terraces featuring jacuzzis. The design incorporates elements of wood and glass to provide warmth and lightness in contrast with the heavy concrete construction. The use of metal and overhangs create a naval aesthetic, with the terraces and stairs adding to the appearance of stone boats floating on the lake.

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