“Casa Calipso” by Degli Esposti Architetti.

“Casa Calipso” by Degli Esposti Architetti.

Casa Calipso / Degli Esposti Architetti

Summary :

Casa Calipso is a new residential building constructed in Milan, Italy, by Degli Esposti Architetti. This modern building is made up of six above-ground floors, each accommodating 2-5 housing units, as well as a penthouse and upper penthouse divided into two side-by-side duplex units, and a basement garage. The architects were inspired by the modern Milanese syntax of the 20th century, particularly rationalism and reconstruction. The design involves the juxtaposition of three bodies, with an interplay between multiple parts, and frames used to create outdoor dining loggias and terraces.

Description :

The HTML code “document.getElementById(‘single-content’).setAttribute(‘data-io-article-url’, window.location.href);” sets the data attribute “data-io-article-url” for the element with the ID “single-content” to the current URL of the webpage. The content of the article is about an architectural project called Casa Calipso in Milan, Italy, designed by Degli Esposti Architetti. The building replaces a commercial structure with a new residential building consisting of six above-ground floors and a basement garage. The design concept involves three bodies, with a larger volume near the street intersection and two smaller volumes connecting with adjacent buildings. The buildings feature white frames and outdoor loggias with terraces. The design draws inspiration from Milanese modern architecture, characterized by the use of frames and interplay between multiple parts in building design.

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