Book Presentation: Caring for the City’s Best, April 05, 2019.

Book Presentation: Caring for the City’s Best, April 05, 2019.

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The European College of Human Ecology and the Council for European Urbanism Germany are hosting a book presentation in cooperation with the Center for Metropolitan Studies on April 5th, 2019 in Berlin. The book, titled “Pflegt der Stadt Bestes” (in English, “Caring for the City’s Best”), addresses the challenges cities and municipalities face in adapting to the effects of climate change and global trends such as urbanization and population growth. The book emphasizes the importance of maintaining and improving existing buildings and infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions and to prepare for extreme weather events. The presentation will also discuss the need for well-trained professionals to carry out effective maintenance and repairs. The event is open to professionals in the real estate industry, businesses, organizations, and institutions involved in maintaining buildings, infrastructure, and facilities.

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Pflegt der Stadt Bestes. (c) oekom Verlag

Friday, April 5, 2019, 4-6pm

Center for Metropolitan Studies at TU Berlin, Hardenbergstr. 16-18, 10623 Berlin. Room HBS 005

The European College of Human Ecology and the Council for European Urbanism Germany, in cooperation with the Center for Metropolitan Studies, invite you to the book presentation of

Caring for the City’s Best: A Systems Perspective on Urban Building and Planning

Our cities and municipalities face major challenges. In light of the consequences of climate change, buildings and entire urban structures must be adapted to higher external temperatures and extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall. They must also be retrofitted in accordance with the energy requirements, increasingly contributing to the reduction of society’s CO2 footprint. These challenges are exacerbated by other global trends including urbanization, population growth, food insecurity, increasing inequalities, and the associated pressure on land and resources. In terms of resource management, it is clear that we cannot cope with the climate-resilient conversion of our cities predominantly through new construction. Even with the continuation of the current construction boom, the future building stock in German cities and municipalities will be predominantly characterized by existing buildings. Furthermore, the digitization of everyday life will also shape buildings, neighborhoods, and cities: smart homes, smart buildings, smart metering, smart cities are the terms that promise relief, but also imply further challenges.

Adaptation to the consequences of climate change requires careful handling of the urban building stock. This not only means qualitatively good and resource-efficient retrofits, timely and correspondingly good maintenance and repairs, but also requires high-quality care that adopts new trends, minimizes wear and tear and thus sustainably ensures asset preservation. This not only requires good craftsmen for construction, maintenance, and repair and high-quality facility management, but also well-trained professionals who can provide this service on site in a systematic and highly efficient manner. Associations of the German economy have long identified a gap that urgently needs to be closed here. Without a corresponding training and further education offensive, this will not be possible, and a systematically designed training occupation is lacking.

Caring for the City’s Best: A Systems Perspective on Urban Building and Planning investigates this issue systematically, presenting the challenges and then asking specifically what qualifications and competencies are necessary for our building and technical systems and user behavior to be made future-proof. What do buildings, neighborhoods, cities, and we, the people, need to be able to do in the future in order to withstand the challenges, keep damage small, and maintain high values? This book is aimed at a broad professional audience in the real estate industry and beyond, in companies, organizations, science, and institutions whose responsibilities include the maintenance and preservation of buildings, facilities, and infrastructures. This book demonstrates the rich empirical experience of a Berlinreal laboratory, which has practically tested building maintenance in a model project.

Caring for the City’s Best: A Systems Perspective on Urban Building and Planning is a plea to act and create the basis for a systematic preservation of the building stock, facilities, and infrastructures in our cities, municipalities, and neighborhoods through a new professional profile.



4:00 pm   Welcome Speech

Aljoscha Hofmann (C.E.U.D. & CMS)

4:10 pm    Introduction: Caring for the City’s Best

Wolfgang H. Serbser (COHE)


4:30 pm   Climate Change in the Neighborhood

Fritz Reusswig (PIK)

4:40 pm   Smart in the Neighborhood

Michael Prytula (Potsdam University of Applied Sciences)

We are involved

4:50 pm   Who Cares for the City of the Future – Betriebsunterhalt an Outlook

Christiane & Wolfgang H. Serbser (COHE)


5:10 pm    Panel Discussion


5:30 pm    Closing RemarksAljoscha Hofmann (C.E.U.D. & CMS)

Small reception to follow

Please register by March 30th, 2019, at

We would appreciate it if you could pass this invitation on to interested parties.

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